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TKTX Numbing Cream vs Pro Numb: Comparing the Benefits and Drawbacks

When it comes to numbing creams, there are two leading brands in the market – TKTX Numbing Cream and Pro Numb. Many people use these creams for cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal, tattooing, and waxing. But which cream is better? This article compares the benefits and drawbacks of both TKTX Numbing Cream and Pro Numb to help you decide which one is right for you.

Active Ingredients

The active ingredients in TKTX Numbing Cream are lidocaine (5%) and prilocaine (2%). Lidocaine is a local anesthetic that helps numb the area where it’s applied, while prilocaine helps reduce swelling. On the other hand, Pro Numb contains lidocaine (7%) as its only active ingredient. Both creams also contain inactive ingredients like water, glycerin, propylene glycol, etc., which help improve their absorption into the skin.


However, Pro Numb is still very effective at numbing the skin because of its higher concentration of lidocaine (7%). Both creams take about 30-60 minutes to take effect once applied to the skin.  


In terms of cost, TKTX Numbing Cream is more expensive than Pro Numb. A 20g tube of TKTX costs around R476.33 while a 30g tube of Pro Numb costs around R175.00. However, this difference in cost may be negligible when compared to the cost of cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal or tattooing.

Side Effects

Both TKTX Numbing Cream and Pro Numb can cause some side effects like skin irritation or burning sensation when applied on sensitive areas like broken skin or open wounds. It’s important to follow instructions carefully when using either cream and consult your doctor if you experience any adverse reactions after using them.


When used correctly according to instructions given by your doctor or aesthetician, both TKTX Numbing Cream and Pro Numb are safe for use on healthy adult skin only. They should not be used by pregnant women or children without consulting a doctor first since their safety for these groups has not been established yet.  


Both TKTX Numbing Cream and Pro Numb are effective numbing creams that can help reduce pain during cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal or tattooing. While both products contain similar active ingredients, they differ slightly in terms of cost and effectiveness due to their varying concentrations of lidocaine. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which product best meets your needs based on your budget and desired results!

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